Calling All Yogi's

Sept. 25, 2016

Calling All Yogi's

After Dean Lobb’s approval, we were full steam ahead to plan this NEW and exciting event—Yoga in 194. First, we found a yoga instructor who was willing to work with us. We were new to this, but luckily we found the perfect instructor for what we needed! Surprisingly, that was the easy part! Yoga instruction outside of studios is quite popular these days, so most yoga instructors are open to doing “traveling” sessions. The next feat involved finding four dates that worked best for all classes’ schedules. That was the tough part. After looking at every class’ exam and lecture schedule, we found some dates that worked for everyone, including scheduling Room 194! Room 194 is a large lecture/presentation hall with rollaway tables and chairs—perfect for yoga! The next step—sell tickets! Ticket sales began a week in advance. The prices were as follows: $10 for all four sessions, $6 for two sessions, and $4 for one session. If a student attended all four sessions, he or she was entered in a drawing for a $10 frozen yogurt gift certificate. After all that work, you deserve a reward once in a while, right?! Ticket sales were a hit from day one, and by the time we were done, there were nearly 80 students, staff, faculty, and loved ones that bought a ticket for at least one session!


Yoga in 194

9.25, 10.9, 10.15 & 10.23.14

Subjects: HealthAndWellness