Experiencing ASDA Magic in Orlando with MUSoD (written by Robert Madrigal)

March 17, 2017

Experiencing ASDA Magic in Orlando with MUSoD (written by Robert Madrigal)

When I found out that I was selected to attend ASDA’s Annual session in Orlando, all I could think about was escaping the harsh winter of Milwaukee (and of course, a free pass to skip class) to enjoy the beautiful weather of Orlando. However, at this moment I was unaware of the amazing experiences, knowledge, and friendships that this trip would unravel. During annual, I was able to learn more about my fellow classmates and had the opportunity to learn from upperclassmen. Marquette had 17 students attend this trip, and going into it I only knew 3 of those 17. I can now call all 17 my friends and I am for the better, because I learned invaluable knowledge from my peers. This ranged from how to approach certain courses, how to excel in sim lab, what professors are good (and those to avoid), and most importantly everyone was opened to helping us in the future if we needed.

The meetings during this conference covered a vast number of subjects, such as selecting new board members, voting on legislative policies, and numerous lectures. Some of the lectures that I found to be a good addition to my education were those on how to be a Rockstar in clinic, how to identify the right residency program, and a presentation from Jeff Skiles who was a co-pilot of U.S Airways Flight 1549 “The Miracle on Hudson”. These presentations provided me with surplus of information that most are unable to acquire in dental school, but will help aid in the enrichment of my education and allow me to become the best healthcare professional I can be.

This trip was one I will never forget. I would like to thank all my fellow Marquette students who made this trip the best it could be, ASDA for putting together such a well-run conference, and all the presenters who took time out of their busy schedule to teach us future dentist. I am grateful to our president, Sarah Fodor, and the ASDA organization for allowing me to participate in such an amazing event. I hope I can see more of you there next year! 

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