Quick Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

April 9, 2017


Quick Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Author: Leah Fax

All dental students, at one point or another, have encountered the topic of nutrition and are knowledgeable on what is considered healthy and supportive for their bodies. Many of us are still able to remember the table of key vitamins and minerals that Mrs. de Oliveira taught us in Foundations 1, but that doesn’t mean we always apply it correctly. The demands of dental school, along with a tight budget and other uncontrollable forces are quick to get in the way of a proper focus on nutrition. 


Therefore, ASDA Health and Wellness made a quick guide to the major food groups and other tips on living a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Protein. Fresh protein such as chicken or fish goes bad quickly, and protein powders often contain unnecessary additives, dyes, and chemicals. Although it may be a little more money at the checkout, buying frozen meat in bulk is an easy way to have protein on hand without the risk of it going bad or there being anything added to it. For vegetarians, Hemp Seeds are a great plant-based protein source to add to smoothies or salads.

  2. Friendly Fats. “Good fats” are a key player in the modern American diet. Cutting back on saturated fat can be good for health if people replace saturated fat with unsaturated fats, especially, polyunsaturated fats. This lowers the “bad” LDL cholesterol, and it improves the ratio of total cholesterol to “good” HDL cholesterol, lowering the risk of heart disease. Avocados and unsalted nuts such are great sources, and contain many other nutrients as well. Check out these Avocado Toast recipes that are sure to spice up the somewhat-bland fat, and are easy dinner ideas: 

  3. A tip for Bread: Many consumers fall into the trap of thinking that all multi-grain or whole wheat bread is always better for you than white. However, they often contain more sugar and additives than white bread. When purchasing, read the nutrition labels and go for breads that have fewer ingredients and contain other nutrient dense foods such as seeds. Also, the first ingredient should be whole wheat! Be aware of food coloring addatives, which are added to artificially give breads the color of whole wheat. 

  4. Squeeze the Greens. It takes a certain type of person to be able to eat a large amount of greens in one sitting, without having them doused in ranch dressing. Smoothies are notorious for being the best way to fit in iron and fiber-rich spinach or kale. Keep frozen fruit on hand (Trader Joe’s has a great selection) and mix it with the greens to mask the taste and green color if that bothers you.

  5. Water: After a night of sleep, we wake up very dehydrated and lethargic and it can be hard to get moving. A great recommendation for getting in much needed water is to go to bed with a bottle full next to your bed. When you wake up, make it your first priority to drink the bottle. Therefore, you can start your morning hydrated and energized (it kick-starts your metabolism and can wake you up more than coffee)!


We hope that you learned something from our quick list. Keep a look out for more quick tips, as well as other ASDA Health and Wellness sponsored events coming your way!


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