Briggs and Al's Run By: Madeline Carney

Sept. 17, 2017

Briggs and Al's Run By: Madeline Carney

  Teamwork makes the dream work! By joining our efforts, Marquette ASDA's Community Service Committee and Health and Wellness Committees participated in this past weekend's Briggs and Al's Run.  The run/walk raises money for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and was a great way to give back to our Milwaukee community while staying active!  As a Jesuit institution, Marquette believes that through service and outreach we are called to make a difference in our community.  Marquette ASDA is fortunate to have strong, passionate, and hardworking leaders of our Community Service Committee who help get our members involved in living out this mission.  Keep up the good work you guys! :)

     September is also ASDA's Wellness month!  There is no better way to celebrate this month than by being outside and enjoying a beautiful time with friends! This year, our Health and Wellness Committee wants to not only focus on helping our members stay physically active, but we want to prioritize mental health awareness as well.  As dental students, late nights and stressful practicals or exams can catch up with us and greatly effect our happiness and mental health.  It is our mission this year to provide our members resources and outlets to maintain a positive outlook while managing the stresses of dental school.  The Briggs and Al's run was a great way to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy the beauty around us! Thank you for everyone who came out to participate in this great event! 

- Madeline Carney

MUSoD Class of 2020

ASDA Health and Wellness Co-Chair

Subjects: HealthAndWellness