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Next Up: A Gentleman in Moscow

Oct. 15, 2017

by: Steph

Pick up your copy soon to take part in the fall 2017 meeting! 

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What are District Meetings and Why do they Matter? By : Rebecca Monticello

Oct. 11, 2017

by: Steph

What are district meetings and why do they matter?

We all know that the strength of the ADA lies in the ability of the member dentists to work together and create a powerful voice for change. The same is true for ASDA, which relies on teamwork between the student-doctor members for its structure. District meetings, like the one MUSoD ASDA attended in Louisville, are held across the country and provide an opportunity for each district to cultivate new ideas to better individual chapters as well as National ASDA as a whole.

The American Student Dental Association is made up of ...

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Louisville: The City

Oct. 9, 2017

by: Steph

Written By: Michelle Singapori 

Our recent trip to Louisville, Kentucky, spread ASDA fever throughout our chapter. Forty Marquette dental students, along with others from District 6/7, attended events that allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture of Louisville. Here are the four main highlights of our trip:


  1. Louisville School of Dentistry

Our weekend was aimed at learning more about the other ASDA chapters of District 6/7, and how they structure their organization. The goal is to network and grow as an organized dental community. Our speakers ranged from student leaders, committee members, current doctors, and ...

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