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Marquette ASDA Health and Wellness aims to promote a holistic approach to health that includes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. For dental students, our personal health can often fall by the wayside when we’re so busy with school. Madeline and Leah hope to aid in creating an environment at MUSoD that encourages students to be their best selves, so they can in-turn provide the best care for their patients. Whether that be through planning workout classes, sports tournaments, or mindfulness sessions, we want to be a resource for Marquette's dental students to help our community be as happy and healthy as possible!

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Let's Get Healthy

Our committee spreads positive energy, encouragement and ideas to help keep Marquette students at their best! Our hope is to promote the importance of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even in the midst of our stressful and busy lives as dental students and dentists. We begin each new year with our Wellness Week, including yoga, strength training,

and mindfulness workshops! Keep an eye out for volleyball tournaments, monthly yoga classes, and ergonomics lunch and learns!

Lets Get Together

Madeline is a member of the Class of 2020 and minored in Health Studies in her undergrad at Marquette and is passionate about maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She grew up playing tennis and has always enjoyed working out and cooking healthy meals.  It was not until her first year in dental school that she realized the importance of maintaining a healthy mind.
Phone: 1-(603) 379-8419

Leah is also a Navy Scrub and tries to achieve a healthy body and mind by being active and outside as much as possible. She loves hiking and working out as a stress relief and a way to detoxify from everyday life. You can find her doing hot yoga or playing with her dogs most days.
Phone: 1-(608) 438-9468