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Lunch Club

Karin Clemens (D2)

The wonderful members of lunch club come together to share in the love of great food and great friends! Every Monday a few of the members take turns cooking for the rest of the group and get the week off to an amazing start!

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Let's Cook

Monday’s got you down? Wish you didn’t have to pack those sack lunches? Have no fear… lunch club is here! Every week five of your classmates will bring delicious home cooked meals right to school, all you have to do is return the favor once every few months! Join now for a full belly and full heart as you gather with your fellow classmates for delightful food and conversation!

Lets Get Together

Join us for lunch sometime!

To get in touch, Contact Karin.

How It Works

1. What a better way to start your week than not having to cook! Lunch Club happens on Mondays. If there is no school on a Monday, "Lunch" will happen on Tuesday that week only.
2. You cook lunch once every 6-7 weeks or so for our group of about 10 people and then enjoy lunch on your off weeks!

3. Food will be set up in the student lounge during the lunch hour so you can serve yourself!
4. Don't worry if you aren't a gourmet chef! Slow cooker dishes and salads are quick, easy and work great!