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Cassandra Hainer (D2)| Elizabeth Schoenfeldt (D2) | Marwan Ibrahem (D3)

The Pre-dental Committee strives to reach out to and engage with our prospective dental students. Our largest planned event is the Annual Pre-Dental Weekend held here at MUSoD every summer. This weekend brings prospective students from all over the Midwest to experience fantastic opportunities including networking with students and faculty, getting your hands busy in the sim lab, and discussing the dental application process -- we even hold mock interviews! It's a great way to get to know other pre-dental students and be taken in by our Marquette family for a couple of days! The New MUSoD Mentor Program works to pair current dental students with pre-dental students and hopes to build positive relationships along the way!

About Pre-Dental Committee

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Pre-Dental Weekend

Marquette School of Dentistry opens its lab and school to predental students one weekend in the summer to drill, fill, impress, cast, and learn about the field of dentistry.

The opportunity to meet with Marquette Dental School faculty and students presents great benefits to these students in giving them a first hand experience of what dental school is like, especially in Marquette country!

How It Works

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