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What We're All About


#MarquetteASDA works tirelessly every year to be change we wish to see in the world.


The dental community and care we provide is highly subject to decisions that are in the hands of legislatures. It is our responsibility to advocate for and support our patients welfare and dentist’s rights!


Our world is beautiful, we can all do our part to keep it that way! Reuse, Recycle, Brush your teeth.


Because two heads are better than one, #marquetteASDA is committed to strengthening its community inside and out of the dental school.


There is so much about dentistry to be learned outside of the classroom, #marquetteASDA is there to keep you informed about the hot topics of today’s dental landscape.


#MarquetteASDA brings you a wealth of information and opportunity to connect with the companies and organizations that populate dental landscape.

Who Is Marquette ASDA

A story to unfold. Each year we welcome new ASDA members into our chapter at Marquette and continually add to our legacy of highly qualified dental professionals. We educate the importance of student leadership and involvement. We stand out as a chapter with drive and excellence in representation of our traditions and values as a dental organization. As strong as the bonds we form, our chapter is quintessentially a model organization comprised of members who are genuinely concerned with not only the dental sphere we live in, but also the constituents and communities in which we serve. WE ARE #MARQUETTEASDA!

What We Do